One By One

The major problem which CA students are facing these days is that they are unable to perform in those 3 hours of exam day. Even after going through the syllabus, students are not able to start the question or present the answer in a manner which could attract the examiner. MakemeCA undertook a survey at PAN level and analyzed the reason for same and it was observed that major students are not doing written practice of the questions. Students are not able frame the answer as per the word limit requirement by the examiner. They find it difficult in finalizing the exact requirement of the question, word limit as per the marks against the questions and presentation of the answer. 

We keep a watch over the time taken, word limit used by student and required by question, analytical report after test and providing answer sheet with details of area where students need to focus more.

100% coverage is the most important ingredient to qualify CA exams. Most of the students under takes selection-based studies which impact the overall exam preparation. MakemeCA has observed that students leave few chapters due to lack of proper guidance and which result into less marks. 

We at MakemeCA has designed chapter wise test series “One by One”. Under this “One by One” series, we undertake to examine the questions for each chapter of each subject resulting into 100% coverage of the course. Our research team has bifurcated the entire subjects into different chapters and then outlined questions for each chapter in such a way that in 15-20 days students are able to undergo the test of entire subject. 

Outline Features of One by One Test Series

  • Each subject is divided in to 15-20 chapters and we test students’ chapter wise.
  • Total of 15-20 tests on individual subject giving in-depth knowledge of subject.
  • Each test has questions of 2,5, 4,6,8 and 16 marks which means we prepare you for all types of questions.
  • MCQs of all chapters.
  • 100% coverage of course including past year questions, RTPs, MTPs.
  • Entire test series in just 15-20 days.
  • Assessment report highlighting weak zones and strength zones.

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