Coaching Classes

Curriculum of chartered accountancy course design in such a way which makes students undergo in-depth knowledge of all the fields of accountants, laws, economics, information technology and taxation. It is needless to say; study material has extensive coverage and correct study pattern is the key to success. Most of the time its being noticed that students are unable to get the in-depth understanding of the concept, manage the entire course, focus on the weak zones. The main reason of such drawback is lack of correct coaching guidance where students can get perfect knowledge of the subject matter along with practical examples.

MakemeCA provides quality teaching to the CA aspirants by the experienced faculties who are renowned in their area of subject. We believe that its easy to understand a concept if the same is linked to practical life example. We at MakemeCA ensures that each concept is explained through a real-life example. Practice of writing is something which is missing now days among the CA aspirants and the impact of same is visible during those crucial 3 hours of exam that students are not able to start the question, quote the relevant sections or present the answer in a desired manner. Experienced faculty of MakemeCA gives strict attention that students are under taking practice of writing answers and solving practical questions in the coaching classes.

Why join coaching at MakemeCA:

  • 100% coverage of ICAI material
  • Experienced faculties who are well known in their area of subject.
  • Explanation through animated videos, graphs, pie charts and gifs.
  • Practical examples to make students understand each concept easily.
  • Making students write answers and solve questions in class.
  • Past year questions
  • Regular assessment report of each students which help them to analyze weak and strong areas.

 Presently we are providing online/offline coaching, Click to know more