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CA Exam Planner – Swami Vivekanand has rightly said, “True guidance is like torch in a dark forest”. In this journey of being a charter accountant, true guidance and direction is the foremost requirement. Often students are unable to investigate the reason of their low marks. They find difficult to analyze their weak areas and same results into repetitive study pattern. They keep on studying the areas in which they are well verse; leaving behind the weak areas. Thorough investigation on each student is very important to make them prepare for the exam day.

We at MakemeCA under takes personal counselling session of CA Exam Planner of each student. Under this, we conduct one to one session of student with our expert counselors who are Charted Acceptant and are aware the difficulties of the students. Our counselors analyze the previous mark-sheet, study pattern and course coverage of the student and then advise them the latest techniques, changes and directions for the successful results.

Unlike, many other personal counselling, MakemeCA does not believes in one-time counseling. We understand that regular assessment and monitor over a student is required. We ensure to give each and every guidance and direction ranging from how to study, when to study, how to write exams, how to manage stress and anxiety during exam days. 

Once, we analyze the requirement of the student, we test them through our test series product “One by One” and “All in One” under which we ensure student get in-depth understanding of the concept along with the strategy to attempt 100 marks question paper in exam. Further, we also provide assessment report to make them aware their weak and strong areas. MakemeCA tie up with a student for a period of 3 to 5 months in which we guide them, test them and prepare them for exam day. 

Why Join CA Exam Planner & CA Test Series, CA  Exam Series  Best Test Series For CA  Inter

  • Analyze the real reason of low marks.
  • Include the chapters which you have left because of fear.
  • Test your knowledge; chapter wise and entire subject wise by our “One by One” and “All in One” test series.
  • Regular assessment on weak zones
  • Expert guidance on how to manage 3 hours of exam and how to face exam.

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